How to become a Danish champion

Danish Beauty Championship – DKCH

The Danish Beauty Champion title is awarded to a dog that has won at least three certificates under three different judges at Danish shows recognized by DKK. The last certificate must – for all breeds – be obtained after the dog has turned 24 months. Dogs owned and registered in a country where the kennel club is recognised by the FCI can moreover become a Danish beauty champion by obtaining 1 Danish certificate (CAC) after 1 January 2008, if the dog has obtained a national beauty champion title in an FCI member country. In this case the Danish CAC does not have to be obtained after the age of 24 months, if the foreign national championship releasing the Danish championship has been obtained after the dog has turned 24 months. Dogs of breeds with trial requirements, HD requirements or other requirements for obtaining the Danish Beauty Champion title must of course in both above cases fulfil the requirements in question, before they can obtain the Danish Beauty Champion title. The specific breeds and requirements can be found in the group sections with special requirements for individual breeds to compete in specific classes, awarding of CACs and champion titles, as specified further down in these regulations. Danish-owned dogs must fulfil the requirements set for the breed in these regulations. Foreignowned dogs must have passed a trial that according to the Danish breed club can be juxtaposed with the Danish trial requirements, as well as fulfilling HD-requirements or other requirements that can be juxtaposed with the Danish requirements, there might be for the specific breed. In the cases where the Danish breed club does not want to decide whether the documentation sent by the foreign exhibitor or kennel club can be juxtaposed with the Danish trial requirement, the working trial certificate recognized by FCI is accepted as documentation for achieving the Danish Beauty Champion title. After achieving all certificates and the additional requirements for Danish Beauty Champion title, this must be reported immediately to DKK. This can be done via My Page at