Dog Welfare

In focus at EDS2023

We kindly remind you that all the dogs are the canine stars at this event. The Danish Kennel Club expect all exhibitors to handle the dogs with care and consideration, and with full attention to the welfare of both your own dog as well as other dogs, handlers, staff, and guests attending the EDS2023

Please keep the venue clean

With more than 18.000 dogs attending the EDS2023 it is imperative that all exhibitors act as responsible dog owners and clean up after your dog – both for sanitary and contamination reasons.
There are established outdoor dog-toilet areas as well plenty of green exercise areas around the venue for this purpose. There are trash bins throughout the venue and “poop bags” are handed out each morning upon arrival to the venue. We have made it easy – all you must do, is pick up the poop! 😊

Water access

Water points are accessible in all exhibition halls as well as in all toilet areas. There are also water points outside the venue halls. Please note, that your dog must always have access to water, while being crated in a cage or in a pen-area.

Warm-up Areas

We recognize that your dog is a canine athlete and therefore we have established several “warm-up rings” around the venue for you and your dog to enjoy while getting ready to show. Please note, that the warm-up rings are shared by all exhibitors, so be considerate when utilizing the area.

Groom, clean and go

Preparation of dogs should generally take place in the area provided and marked in the halls at the show venue. In these areas power outlets, trash bins etc. are available, and you can – temporarily - set up a grooming table. These designated “groom, clean and go” areas are for temporary use only and must be shared by exhibitors.

If you trim or groom your dog, you should bring an underlay (sheet, blanket, tarpaulin or the like) to place under the grooming table, so that you can easily pick up dog hair, etc. and put it in the bin.

Remember to clean up the area before you leave.

Good welfare and good handing of dogs

The Danish Kennel Club is committed to the health and welfare of all dogs exhibited at the EDS2023. We expect all exhibitors to handle the dogs with care and consideration, and with full attention to the welfare.

Exhibitors are reminded to pay attention to and adhere to the following instruction while showing the dog:

  • Dogs should be handled in a loose leash and running at free will during the judging of the dog. If the leash is tight, it is because the dog has chosen to pull in a forward motion. (It is not acceptable to handle a dog in a manner which causes its feet not to touch the ground when on the move or by pulling too tight on the lead).

  • Dogs that need to be lifted to and from the table during judging, must be lifted in a way that supports the dog’s body in a comfortably way.
    (Picking up dogs, often terriers, by their necks and/or tails is not permitted).
  • Exhibitors should note that any practices that constitutes harsh handling will be pointed out and reported to the Show Committee under The Danish Kennel Club.

Cages and grooming tables

If cages, crates og pens are used for temporary lodging the dog, the following must be adhered to:

  • The cages, crates or pens used must be spacious enough that a dog (or dogs) can comfortably sit, stand and lay down. (The use of cages with wire false floors, where the dog is not sitting on the base of the cage, is not permitted).
  • Dogs must have access to water inside the cage, crate or pen.
  • Dogs must be taken out of the cage, crate or pen to exercise and/or offered to toilet approximately every hour.
  • Dogs on grooming tables must be always attended, and the handler must be very close by the dog. (Dogs must not be left unattended wearing a grooming leash on a grooming table).

Pay attention to your dog

The EDS2023 is a public show and for the safety of all concerned, dogs should not be left unattended at any time. The EDS venue is very spacious. Please take advantage of this aspect and keep a safe distance to other dogs, handlers, and guests. We would like for the EDS2023 to be a great experiencing for everyone who is attending.

No dogs in warm cars

Be responsible!

Dogs must not be left unattended in cars at any time.
The exhibitors are responsible for safeguarding the welfare of the dogs at dog shows. It is forbidden to put the dog in a situation that can be dangerous for its health and welfare, such as leaving it in the car in hot weather and/or treating it in a cruel manner.

If the show management or the show veterinarian finds that it will be irresponsible to leave dogs in the cars, it will be announced in the loudspeakers 1 or 2 times. If the dogs are not removed from the cars immediately, the matter will be passed on to the police. If your car is air conditioned, please put up a sign about this in the car window.

Weather forecast May

The usual weather forecast for middle of May in Denmark is approximately 15–20-degree (Celsius) weather during the day and colder temperatures during the night. With the possibility of both sun, wind and light showers.

We welcome you and your dog to EDS2023 😊